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DC Norris Brings Home ‘Top Futuristic Technology’ Award

The DC Norris UK-based team is in Dubai this week for the Gulfood Manufacturing trade show at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The show, which takes place November 6-8, also encompasses the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards. At the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards on November 6, 2018 DC Norris was honored with the coveted ‘Top Futuristic Technology’ award.

The award was given for DC Norris’s multi in-line Jet Cook™ steam infusion system. This revolutionary system combines as many as four Jet Cook™ steam infusion units in sequence. In the multi in-line system, each Jet Cook™ unit is able to be individually controlled and can heat, pump and mix products in a single pass at flow rates between 264 and 5,200 gallons her hour in a system footprint just under 6.5 feet

Multi in-line Jet Cook™ systems are currently being used to produce a variety of food products including condensed milk, sauces and maheu in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In fact, DC Norris’s patented multi in-line Jet Cook™ system is the power behind the worlds fastest maheu processing system, seen here.

As with all DC Norris North America Jet Cook™ steam infusion systems there is zero burn-on which dramatically decreases the water requirements for cleaning equipment and production downtime.

Congratulations to the DC Norris team. This is an impressive testament to decades of dedication and hard work.  

If you’d like to know more about purchasing a Jet Cook™ steam infusion system for your food manufacturing business, please contact us today. We’ll be in touch quickly to assist with consultation and a quote.