DC Norris North America model 160 can opener and model 990 can crusher

Industrial Can Crushers

The Model 990 manually operated pneumatic can crusher has been specifically designed for the purpose of crushing empty cans.

The empty cans are hand fed into the crushing chamber, when the guard is lowered the can is crushed to approximately 25% of its original height. The guard is then raised and the next can is manually inserted into the chamber, the previous can is automatically displaced out the back of the chamber and into a collection bin (optional) for disposal.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Manually operated
  • Pneumatic Operation – No Electricity Required
  • Fully interlocked for safety
  • Completely hose proof design
  • Mounted on four adjustable legs each with bolt down facility
  • Manual can rinse facility (option)
  • Crushed can bin (option)
  • Versions available for most can sizes

Download the Can Opening & Crushing Brochure