Commercial Sous Vide Cooking Equipment

Sous vide is a popular cooking technique used by chefs and restaurants around the globe. Sous vide involves cooking food under vacuum in airtight plastic pouches which are submerged in a cook tank/ water bath. The sous vide method of cooking slow cooks food in the cook tank at a precisely controlled low temperature. The sous vide cooking method ensures that foods are cooked evenly and to perfection by eliminating the possibility of human error.

DC Norris North America offers 50-gallon capacity commercial sous vide cook tanks to restaurants and small-scale food manufacturers.

CT-1 Commercial Sous Vide Cook Tank Being Filled

Cook Tank Details:



  • DIMENSIONS: 38” HIGH x 28” WIDE x 36” DEEP
  • GROSS VOLUME: 7.28 cubic ft.
  • BASKETS: 3; 18” x 18” x 6” DEEP (1.35ft 3 EACH; 4ft GROSS)

Commercial-Scale Sous Vide Cooking

The sous vide method of cooking eliminates guesswork and allows commercial producers to cook foods with incomparable taste and texture; perfectly cooked steak, tender chicken breasts and ribs with the meat falling off the bone. With commercial sous vide, products can also be cooked in a sauce or marinade giving additional recipe choices. Slow cooking foods at a low temperature through the commercial sous vide process improves texture, intensifies the flavors and preserves the nutritional quality of the foods being prepared. Times and temperatures are rigidly controlled ensuring that the results will be the same every time and easily replicable. Products can even be left to cook unattended overnight with guaranteed results.

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Model CT-1 Brochure & Video