Additional Equipment

DCN can supply and install a large range of additional equipment to ensure an efficient food processing facility. All items in our preparation range can be load cell mounted with metered ingredient addition to provide consistent processed batches.

Pump Fill Station

Bag Filling & Emptying

DCN can offer two different ways to fill product for cook-chill purposes, the DCN Pump Fill Station available in volumetric piston pump, lobe pump or sine pump dependant on the products to be filled and the accuracy needed. A load cell version is also available for clients needing to offer bagged product for retail sales. Learn More

Model 990 Can Crusher

Industrial Can Crushers

MODEL 990 CAN CRUSHER The Model 990 manually operated pneumatic Can Crusher has been specifically designed for the purpose of crushing empty cans. The empty cans are hand fed into the crushing chamber, when the guard is lowered the can is crushed to approximately 25% of its original height. The guard is then raised and the next can Learn More

Transfer Mixing Vessels

Transfer / Mixing Vessels

DCN TRANSFER VESSELS are ideal for the vacuum/pressure transfer of hot or cold product. They are available in various sizes up to 160 gallons and can be mounted on two fixed and two swivel castors, allowing the tank to also serve as a mobile holding vessel.  Made from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, vessels can Learn More

can opener

Can Openers

DCN offer a wide range of CAN-OPENERS to suit every application.  From standalone manually operated models through semi-automated lines to fully automated opening and emptying systems. The can-opener can be manufactured to customer requirements on request and is available with a range of options: Wash/Dry Tunnel Product/Liquid Separation System Thick Product Removal System Can Crusher and Learn More