Cooking Equipment

Using our latest advanced technologies, DCN food processing equipment cooks great tasting healthier products in less time than traditional cooking, resulting in huge cost and energy savings.

Delicious casseroles, soups and fine sauces through to delicate whole fruit compotes are cooked in our Steam Jacketed Kettles and using Jet Cook Steam Infusion Technology, and would complement any table in the finest restaurants.


Our Cook Quench Chill machines produce large quantities of rice, pasta, noodles and sliced vegetables to a high quality without any sticking and with minimal damage.
Mouth-watering tender meat, poultry and fish is slow cooked Sous Vide style in a DCN Cook Tank, increasing yields and achieving perfect results every time.

Industrial Cooking Kettles

Industrial Cooking Kettles

DCN have an extensive range of Steam Jacketed Cooking Kettles built with a traditional high polished stainless steel finish.  These are available in various jacket styles, and in a wide range of sizes from 40 gallons to 1320 gallons.  Our kettles can reach a very high temperature rapidly with steam pressure of up to 150 PSI. Learn More

Cook Quench Chill System

Cook Quench Chill

COOK QUENCH CHILL MODEL 3000 and 4000 RANGE The DCN Cook Quench Chill machine is designed to automatically cook rice, vegetable and pasta products in tipping baskets using three stages.  The first tank contains water which is heated up and cooks the product.  Product is then transferred to the second quench tank containing cold (ambient) Learn More

steam infusion

Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion System

Our JET COOK™  Steam Infusion System delivers fast, flexible and efficient liquid food processing solutions utilising high performance technology to enhance your manufacturing business The system offers significantly reduced processing times and dramatically cuts clean in place requirements, without compromising on quality or flavour.  It is a revolutionary fluid processing solution that can homogenise, emulsify, entrain, pump and heat Learn More



Primary agitator options include the standard inclined scrape surface agitators with special food grade plastic one piece scraper blades for a full mix and fold action or as an option a vertical scrape surface agitator can be fitted. The inclined version can be fixed or tilt out to ease maintenance tasks. Both types can be Learn More

root vegetable cooker

Root Vegetable Cooker

The ROOT VEGETABLE COOKER is a continuous system which delivers high quality, evenly cooked and repeatable efficient processing utilizing our patented high performance technology. PROCESS Vegetables such as potato, carrots and beetroots are tipped into our continuous cooker and are moved through a chamber containing filtered dry steam delivered by multiple Steam Infusion nozzles. Temperature Learn More


Woks & Bratt Pans

MODEL 2700 WOKS is a versatile high performance steam jacketed braising pan, ideal for small batch ethnic and ready meals products.  This agitated Braising Pan can fry, cook and simmer and is capable of reaching high temperatures in half the time of conventional kettles. Features Insulated Bowl Programmable agitation 40 Gallon capacity Easy remove agitator Stainless steel Learn More