Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion System

Advanced Steam Infusion Technology

Jet Cook Steam Infusion is a direct-contact heating process in which steam collapses at high velocity into the product. This revolutionary system is primarily used for the production of food and beverages, both in batches or continuous process. The capability to simultaneously heat, mix, pump and induct powder with no moving parts makes our finished product quality world leading. With nearly 10 years experience of this process, we have 38 systems operational around the world to date in countries such as Australia, South Africa, Europe, UAE and the USA.

Our JET COOK™  Steam Infusion System delivers fast, flexible and efficient liquid food processing solutions utilising high performance technology to enhance your manufacturing business
The system offers significantly reduced processing times and dramatically cuts clean in place requirements, without compromising on quality or flavour.  It is a revolutionary fluid processing solution that can homogenise, emulsify, entrain, pump and heat with impressive performance.

No Moving Parts

Our unique Jet Cook units have no moving parts, and with a 2" bore, all particulate pass through without damage, and a straight through passage allows the handling of high viscosity fluids and CIP.

Heat Transfer

The heat/energy transfer is almost instantaneous with approximately 98% of the steam collapsing into the finished product before it leaves the Steam Infusion nozzle. This super-efficient method of heating allows us to dramatically reduce energy consumption in food factories, and as the product is not in direct contact with any hot surfaces, burn-on contamination is removed. Therefore, CIP time and caustic use is also dramatically reduced.

Enhanced Mixing

The mixing area within the Jet Cooker is very controllable giving the operator the option for a fine tight emulsion, or just a gentle mix. Our emulsion is created by the high velocity differential between process fluid 16-30 ft/second and steam 1640 ft/second, coming together in a controlled manner within the Infusers, eliminating the need for homogenizers. This simultaneous mixing and heating also allows for reductions in ingredients such as starch (3-10%), salt, (2-5%) gums (2-3%), spices (3-10%) and dairy ingredients such as milk (5-13%) and cheese (2-8%). As we increase the average swelling size of starch grains in the Steam Infuser process, we can give new material functionality to ingredients such salt, spices, flavorings and stocks thus giving superior fresher flavors to the finished product.

Powder Induction

High volumes of powders such as flour, starch, spices, gums and flavorings are entrained directly into the high velocity process flow of the Steam Infusion Unit and are then accelerated to 3280 ft/second. During this process, the powders are heated and mixed simultaneously in the liquid phase and are evenly heated and quickly hydrated. Powders such as guar, CMC and Xanthan gum can be entrained directly into a water phase without any agglomerations or fish eyes in the finished product.