Desserts & Preserves

Desserts, preserves and conserves can be expertly manufactured using the DCN range of steam jacketed cooking kettles.  A large range of innovative options are available with DCN kettles including the Jet Cook; the fastest cooking system on the market today.  The Jet Cook system works particularly well for dessert products such as crème patissiere and custards with no burn-on and minimal cleaning time.

Other accessories available are in-vessel homogenizers and automated ingredient additions.  Control can be relatively simple or sophisticated; the popular DCN Recipe Manager has RFID tagging for real time data logging and operator/ingredient traceability.

DCN kettles are available from 80 USG to 800 USG.  Pilot plant and custom size kettles are available on request.
We also offer a range of electrically heated and gas fired kettles from 40 USG to 100 USG, all are able to produce high quality desserts, conserves and preserves.