Meat, Poultry & Fish


DCN has been manufacturing Sous Vide cooking and cooling equipment since the early 1980’s, providing optimized cooking and chilling methods through water immersion and accurate temperature control.

The Sous Vide method of cooking eliminates guesswork and allows you to cook foods with incomparable taste and texture; perfectly cooked steak, tender chicken breasts and ribs with the meat falling off the bone. Products can also be cooked in a sauce or marinade giving food producers additional recipe choices.

Sous Vide Cooking

The Cook Tank forms part of the DCN Cook-Chill system;  designed to slow cook vacuum packaged meat, poultry and prepared foods in a circulating hot water bath – Sous Vide Style.   Slow cooking at lower temperatures in sealed plastic casings radically reduces meat shrinkage, while retaining more meat juices and enhancing natural flavors and tenderness.   Learn More