Rice, Pasta & Vegetables

Rice, Pasta & Vegetables – Products such as rice, long/ short pasta, noodles, sliced vegetables and even pulses (beans) can be produced using the range of DCN Cook Quench & Chill equipment. Products are cooked and chilled to 40°F (4°C) with care, retaining product definition on susceptible products such as long pasta or noodles.   All are produced without sticking, and de-nesting of noodles is easily achieved with minimal damage.

From a relatively simple kettle based system with overhead hoist to a fully automated system with wave agitation for long pasta and products that are prone to clumping, DCN can provide the solution to your needs.

Sizes available:

Tip Over Style 1000/3000/4000 Series:

  • 20 USG (water) – 80 USG (water)

Linear and Rotary Kettle Style CQC:

  • 40 USG
Cook Quench Chill System

Cook Quench Chill

COOK QUENCH CHILL MODEL 3000 and 4000 RANGE The DCN Cook Quench Chill machine is designed to automatically cook rice, vegetable and pasta products in tipping baskets using three stages.  The first tank contains water which is heated up and cooks the product.  Product is then transferred to the second quench tank containing cold (ambient) Learn More