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75% Reduction In Processing Times & Other Innovations from Our Test Kitchen

Jet Cook™ Reduces Processing Times and Improves Quality for Meat Pies, Tikka Masala and Mac & Cheese in the Test Kitchen


It’s National Cherry Month here in the United States so it only makes sense that our UK team has been busy in the test kitchen helping an Australian pie manufacturer perfect their pie fillings. Here in Traverse City, home of the National Cherry Festival, we’ve got a keen eye on the cherry pie filling.

But that’s not all that’s been trailed in our test kitchen. Here are our most recent tests and trial runs and the results that DC Norris food processing systems have been able to achieve.

Jet Cook™ Trials in the Test Kitchen Dramatically Reduce Processing Times & Improve Finished Product Quality For Mac & Cheese, Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala

Velvety Cheese Sauce for Mac & Cheese

An American favorite, mac and cheese, proves to be no challenge for the Jet Cook™ processing system equipped with braising bar technology. During test kitchen trials, the Jet Cook™ system was able to dramatically reduce the number of stages required to complete the cheese sauce as well as speed up the heating process resulting in a 75% reduction in overall processing time. Not only was the macaroni and cheese sauce produced faster, the finished product quality was improved. The Jet Cook™ system produced cheese sauce with a desirable thick and creamy consistency with a bright shiny color due to the high shear capability of the Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion unit. Due to Jet Cook’s™ ability to rapidly heat and mix product at the same time, starches can be gelatinised far better and more consistently than with traditional jacket heating. Because there is no jacket with the Jet Cook™ system, there is no burn-on.

Delicate, Fragrant Butter Chicken

The DC Norris Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion System offers commercial food producers great flexibility through our patented Braising Bar technology. For the butter chicken trials, the Braising Bar technology was used to cook the onions and crack the spices in the beginning processing stage which released more flavors and aromas, critical to the authenticity of butter chicken, than other processing technologies used previously. The ability to easily and accurately control the shear of the Jet Cook™ unit through DC Norris’s Recipe Manager software allowed the partial butter separation traditionally associated with the Butter Chicken product to be achieved.

Intricate Spice Profiles and Ingredient Viscosities for Authentic Tikka Masala

The ability to heat and mix the variety of spices and ingredient viscosities required to produce tikka masala in one step delivered unprecedented improvements in processing times and finished product quality during this test kitchen trial. The absence of moving parts in our unique Jet Cook™ units coupled with a 2″ bore allow all particulate to pass through quickly, without damage and the straight through passage allows the handling of high viscosity fluids and CIP.

Following these successful test kitchen trials the teams were remarkably pleased with the finished product quality and the overall operational simplicity.

Versatile Kettle Systems & Ease-of-Control Offered by Recipe Manager Help Pie Producers

DC Norris Processing Systems Help Australia’s Pie Producers Improve the Country’s Most Popular Convenience Food Choice

Meat pies have long been one of the most popular convenience food choices in Australia. In fact, over 270 million are eaten in Australia every year so naturally, the need to improve the efficiency of creating those pies and improve their overall quality is high for producers around the country.

DC Norris’s industrial cooking solutions are proving themselves to be a smart choice for food manufacturers needing to keep up with the growing trend. DC Norris is currently working with a number of pie producers in Australia, manufacturing large industrial cooking systems capable of producing a variety of fillings including beef, chicken and fruit.

The versatility of DC Norris’s kettle systems allows producers to make a variety of filling options available from the same system with minimal operational disruption. The Recipe Manager software is easily programmed with unique recipes and minimizes operator error which delivers a consistently high quality product.

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