Our Industrial Food Processing Systems Fit Growing & Enterprise Food Producers

DC Norris North America’s industrial food processing systems and equipment can be implemented to suit a variety of businesses and their capacity requirements. Whether you’re feeding a growing subset of hungry enthusiasts or distributing products across the globe, DC Norris North America’s systems can be scaled to suit.

Sous Vide

Benefits of Sous Vide

  • Preserves food integrity
  • Extends shelf life when properly chilled & held in cold storage
  • Retards bacteria growth
  • Complete control over product
  • Better inventory control
  • Eliminates over-production


  • CT-5 – 600lbs; CT-10 – 950lbs; CT-20 – 1,900lbs

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Jet CookTM

Benefits of Jet CookTM

  • Drastically reduces cooking times
  • Reduce sodium & fats required in recipes
  • Reduce starch required in recipes
  • No direct heat surface contact
  • High-quality taste & flavor
  • Ingredient cost savings


  • From 50 gallons

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Cook Chill

Benefits of Cook Chill & Cook-Quench Chill

  • Safe extended shelf life
  • Centralized production
  • Consistent finished product quality
  • No direct human or utensil contact
  • Products are packaged at pasteurization temperatures
  • Easy rethermalization
  • Reduced waste due to spoilage

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Our Complete Line of Commercial Cooking Equipment Includes

  • Variety of kettle capacities from 80-400 gallons
  • Cook tank tumble chillers
  • Root vegetable cookers
  • Woks
  • Bratt pans
  • Sous Vide cook tanks
  • Cook Chill & Cook-Quench-Chill

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Our Complete Line of Industrial Cooling Systems Includes

  • Tumble chillers
  • Static coolers
  • In-Line cooling
  • Vacuum chilling

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Additional Processing Equipment

Our Additional Equipment Options Include

  • Industrial can crushers
  • Bag filling & emptying
  • Transfer / mixing vessels
  • Automatic & manual can openers

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High Quality Used Food Processing Systems

Equipment can be sold as seen or can be refurbished on our premises to our exacting standards. We also buy back unwanted DC Norris equipment, will offer you the best prices and collect from your site.

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Industrial Lifting & Discharging Equipment

DC Norris North America is a leading supplier of lifts, loaders and discharging equipment for the food industry. Based on a broad range of standard loaders, we offer loading equipment to various types of processing plants.