We Design, Manufacture & Install Industrial Food Processing Systems

DC Norris has manufactured some of the largest food processing plants around the world and has earned a reputation for innovation, quality, and true partnership. For more than 50 years, DC Norris has led the globe in food processing equipment. That time in the industry allows us to truly partner with and assist our clients through the process of designing, implementing, and installing processing systems that transform their businesses by resolving efficiency, safety, and yield challenges.

Our Industrial Food Processing Systems Include:

DC Norris Processing Systems Suit Many Food Types & Scales

From whole berry compotes to perfectly cooked steak, the team of experienced engineers at DC Norris North America work hand-in-hand with clients to design the best processing systems that maintain finished product quality while reducing waste, cost, and production times. As the healthy convenience food movement gains undeniable momentum in North America; DC Norris stands ready to help clients innovate and expand their processing systems to meet the evolving taste and demands of today’s food culture. To learn more about the right systems for your products, contact us.





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“It’s been invaluable having a partner with such wide experience but also one that is happy to work with us to deliver against our particular needs. We’ve made extensive use of DC Norris’s test kitchen along the way—a great resource to help us ensure we hit the ground running once our new equipment arrives.”

– Charlie Bingham


From design to installation and the service needs that may follow, DC Norris North America offers a full range of services to aid today’s food producers in the continuous improvement of their products and processes.

We work with our clients on:

We’re Here to Help You Lead the Evolving North American Food Culture

As the ready-meal and convenience food market transforms and gains tremendous momentum in North America, DC Norris North America is uniquely poised and experienced to help North American food producers manufacture an evolving menu of high quality, fresh, exciting foods while continuing to make strides in efficiency and food safety. DC Norris was founded in 1970 in the UK by David Norris

(Managing Director) and his father Douglas Norris and has been at the forefront of the food processing industry ever since. David Norris was instrumental in presenting the cook chill concept to food manufacturers across the UK and Europe. The UK has long been the world’s fastest growing ready-meal market, requiring DC Norris to stay focused on and committed to continual product innovation.