Model 990 Spec Sheet
Model 160 Spec Sheet
CT-1 Spec SheetModel CT-1 Sous Vide Cook Tank specs, utilities, & dimensions
Industrial Cooking Equipment
Cook ChillFor safe extended shelf life and high quality prepared foods.
Industrial Sous VideCook foods to perfection, at scale, with the unrivaled control of sous vide.
Jet Cook™DC Norris’s high speed cooking and mixing system powered by steam.
Cook Quench ChillAutomatically cook rice, pasta and vegetables in tipping baskets.
Wave Cook Quench Chill‘Wave’ agitation to prevent clumping in rice, vegetable and pasta products.
Jet Process for Pet FoodUltra-efficient manufacturing technology for wet pet food.
Commercial Sous VideThe Model CT-1 sous vide cook tank for foodservice and commercial kitchens.
Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’Reduce your carbon footprint with the most energy-efficient CQC.
Sous Vide Cook TankFully automated stainless steel cook tank with HMI control panel.
Steam Jacketed KettleStandard sizes from 80 to 500 gallons, up to 105 psi.
Ready-2-Cook Kettle80 gallon, 132 gallon & custom sizes. Tilting steam-jacketed kettle.
Root Vegetable CookerSpecially designed to ensure constant steam contact.
Wok-Style Braising PanHigh temperature braising pan used for frying/cooking/simmering.
Steam & Gas Bratt Pans45 or 80 gallon capacity with 135 PSI steam jacket.
Vacuum CoolingFor fast, effective heat removal from a batch process.
DA Cooler75, 100, 130 and 200 gallons; custom sizes made to order.
Tumble Chillers79, 132, 198 and 264 gallon capacities for large or small batch sizes.
Belt Tumble Chillers300L, 500L, 750L, 1,000L (custom sizes available upon request)
Model 160 Can Opener
Model 990 Can Crusher
Industrial Lifts, Loaders & Discharging Equipment
Virtual Chart Recorder
Recipe Manager
Heat Seal Pump Fill Station