Alabama Chocolate Fudge Icing

Alabama Chocolate Fudge Icing

Case Study


To produce a smoother and glossy finished topping whilst also reducing the production time of 75 minutes per 500kg batch.

To combine DCN’s all-in-one patented Jet CookTM Steam Infusion In-Tank lance and emulsifier, along with our Recipe Management System. This combination can simultaneously melt the fats whilst also inducting the powders into a dual shear environment to create a smooth silky sauce.

The simultaneous heating and mixing will ensure the fats remain melted during the whole process. It is then easier to add maximum mechanical and none mechanical shear, ensuring even distribution of fats, cocoa and sugar. During the mixing process the only heating will come from the Jet Cook, guaranteeing absolutely no burn-on contamination, maximum flavour development and a dramatically reduced processing time.

” It has been a real pleasure working with DCN, they have a great service orientated team and innovative equipment that has allowed us to make unique and delicious products here in the UK.”

– Paul Schiefer


A luxurious, dark, smooth and rich fudge topping with a powerful chocolatey flavor. The 500kg batch was produced in 25 minutes, 50 minutes quicker than the traditional production. There was zero burn-on, so no requirements to clean down between batches.