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Vugar Hebobov – Chief Automation & Electrician Manager
Azersun Holding, Azerbaijan

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“We purchased a Jet Cook Steam Infusion System from DC Norris in the UK to produce a range of products including broths, meat cooks, fruit compote, soups and fruit fillings for both the Azerbaijan and international retail market places.  Following the installation, we produced finished product, some of the products we were unable to produce before the system arrived. The cooking times were incredibly quick and the quality of the pieces of meat and fruit was excellent. The flexibility of the product range we can now produce is remarkable and opens a larger market place for our company both locally and internationally.

The support and quality of training given by the team was excellent, the installation of the system took only one week and included in-depth product and process training from Mr Stuart Rigby and engineering and Recipe Manager Software training from Mr Wayne Wood.  We will also be using the system to enter the catering and food service market in Azerbaijan, and following meetings with Mr Stuart Rigby and our marketing team from head office in Baku, we will be working together to develop recipes and processes for our local market using the Jet Cook Steam Infusion system.

For the future, we look forward to the return of the team to give some further advanced training, and to assist us in developing some new recipes with our marketing and process team to further develop our market and our experience.”