BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Case Study


Due to the high sugar content of the recipe and high viscosity, serious burn-on can occur both during production and discharge.

The lack of free water in the recipe can cause viscosity issues in the finished product as the starch competes with the sugar for water.


Using our patented Jet CookTM Steam Infusion system to simultaneously heat, mix and induct the starch into the product gives the starch time to fully hydrate at a lower temperature prior to the sugar addition.

This ensures a good consistent finished product viscosity every time.

The intense mixing and heating capability of the unit results in the finished product having a fresh clean flavor.

The Jet CookTM Steam Infusion System has no direct heated surfaces so there is zero burn-on and no bitter flavor or unwanted debris in the product.

” Innovative equipment that has allowed us to make unique and delicious products.“

– Paul Schiefer


A 1000kg batch was produced in 30 minutes with a well-rounded flavor, the viscosity was within specification and there were no burn-on issues.