Beef Ragu

Beef Ragu

Case Study


Ragu is used in the production of lasagne, cannelloni, spaghetti bolognese and other Italian products. The challenge is to improve the particulate integrity of the meat, and the overall product quality whilst reducing the total processing time if possible.


Using a combination of our Jet Cook SteamTM Infusion, Braising Bar Technology and Multi Aperture Drain System (M.A.D) all contained in the same vessel:

Sear the meat using the Braising Bar to seal in moisture whilst also using our M.A.D System to remove any excess fat.

Add onions to the meat mix and the Braising Bar is used to sweat the onions. The M.A.D system removes any excess liquid from the onions to ensure they are not boiled.

The tomato paste, passata, diced tomatoes, water and herbs are added and heated using the Jet Cook Steam infusion In-Tank unit to 98°C and held for 10 minutes.

As the unit has no moving parts, the particulate integrity of the meat and tomatoes are perfectly maintained during the rapid heating process. The nutritional benefits of the ingredients are maintained as are the vibrant colours of the herbs due to the rapid heating.

” We purchased our first Jet Cook Steam Infusion System for the production of meat and particulate sauces for ready meals, and then ordered another two systems within 6 months.”

– Robert Graham


A rich first-class restaurant quality ragu every time. The batch production time is more than 50% quicker than traditional production methods. The finished product yields are also superior to that of a traditionally produced Ragu because of the rapid heating.