coconut korma following a production trial in the DC Norris test kitchen

Coconut Korma Sauce

Case Study


Korma is the second largest produced curry in the UK, this creamy mild curry comes in many different textures including a “gritty” format using desiccated coconut to a very smooth pulpy texture. As with most curries there are two way of producing them; either using traditional recipes or the more preferred commercial way.

Both methods come with issues such as burn-on contamination, lengthy processing times (due to multi-stage ingredient addition and heating the product back to 90°C), finished product texture and separation due to the high dairy content.


Using the Jet Cook Steam infusion In-Tank Unit we can produce a 1000kg batch of the more commercial recipe using pastes instead of raw spices in approx. 35mins. By controlling the shear function of the unit we can give either a smooth, gritty or pulpy finished product texture.

For the more traditional method we would use a combination of our Jet Cook Steam Infusion In-Tank System and Braising Bar. This enables us to “crackle” the spices and caramelise or sweat out the onions prior to the liquid additions. The initial cooking out (crackling) of the spices is critical in Indian cooking and if this phase is not done correctly the product is unrecoverable.

Once the liquid addition is added (cream, yoghurt, coconut), the In-Tank will rapidly heat the product to its final temperature and the high intense mixing of the unit de-glazes the vessel so no burn-on.

1000kgs of Korma produced using this method will take approx. 50mins

“It’s great to finally see the quality & authenticity delivered through a factory process.”

– UK Leading Retailer


Three major UK retailers and two foodservice producers are using Jet Cook Steam infusion Technology for the production of their chilled and ambient Indian and Ethnic foods. We have also received orders from Australia, Saudi Arabia and Dubai for systems to produce a wide range of both commercial and traditional Indian and Ethnic Foods.