Moroccan Harira Soup

Moroccan Harira Soup

Case Study


A leading manufacturer of gourmet soups, sauces and condiments for the foodservice industry in Portugal first approached DCN at an exhibition in Germany.

They wanted a system with the flexibility to turn around batches of both particulate and smooth soups and sauces very quickly. They were looking for processing solutions for tomato sauce and mayonnaise, taking a particular interest in our Cook-Chill and Jet Cook Steam Infusion Systems.

The issues with thicker soups such as the Harira is the time it takes to cook, and the burn-on which effects both the flavor and visual appearance.

Harira soup is a traditional high volume soup with both vegetables and pulses. Over-processing and cooking turns the finished product into a multi-colored paste. As it’s such a well-known soup, quality is everything.


The customer decided to visit DCN’s Product Development Kitchen to trial their classic Moroccan Harira Soup, their most difficult recipe to produce.

The soup was cooked using the In-Vessel Jet Cook Steam Infusion unit. The system, which has no moving parts, was run on high shear to rapidly cook the liquid phase. The vegetables and pulses were added to the vessel and the system setting was changed to slow.

“We are very pleased with the results and have never seen such good quality products produced so quickly.”


A 1000kg batch was produced in 30 minutes with perfect particulate integrity and a well-rounded flavor.

Products samples were taken back for management and R&D teams to look at. We have quoted for a DCN Cook Chill System consisting of a Ready-2-Cook Kettle with Jet Cook, Pump Fill Station and a Tumble Chiller.