Trade Kings

Trade Kings

Winani Chiwowa – Manufacturing Director
Trade Kings Zambia

“Following our initial contact with Stuart Rigby at an exhibition in Denmark, it was apparent his technical and process knowledge of drinks and liquid food processing was extensive. What was very interesting to our company was his experience and knowledge of hydrating grains and flours for nutritional and liquid food drinks at incredible speeds, as we had previously been a market leader in Zambia on this type of product.

At this point in time, our company was seriously considering re-entering the market but needed to do this with a product and process which was superior to our competitors Coca-Cola and SAB Miller as well as being cost-effective in this very demanding market place.

Following trials with Stuart in the UK, we were convinced that a combination of both our knowledge of the African market and Stuarts processing and R&D expertise we could produce a Maheu product to reclaim our market.

Now two years after our original conversation we are in full production and are producing a superior Maheu product than our competitors as well as a wide variety of other ambient drinks, which are also being exported to many other African countries.

Stuart’s determination to deliver on his promises, professionalism, product knowledge and friendship has been a great asset to Trade Kings and we look forward to working with him again in the very near future.”