World-Leading Industrial Cooking Equipment & Systems

DC Norris North America provides food businesses in the United States, Canada and beyond with state-of-the-art industrial cooking equipment and systems. Our advanced technologies allow food producers to cook great tasting, healthier products in less time than traditional cooking methods resulting in huge cost and energy savings.

Delicious casseroles, soups and fine sauces through to delicate whole fruit compotes are cooked in our steam jacketed kettles and using Jet CookTM steam infusion technology.

We Offer a Complete Line of Cooking & Processing Equipment

image of stairs leading up to a large bank of stainless steel industrial cooking kettles


closed sous vide tank in use

Sous Vide

line of cook quench chill equipment manufactured by DC Norris North America

Cook Quench Chill

bratt pan with the DC Norris North America logo laser engraved on the front

Woks & Bratt Pans

close up of a portion of the root vegetable cooker manufactured by DC Norris North America

Root Vegetable Cooker

Over 50 Years of Processing Experience and a Wealth of Recipe Knowledge

At DC Norris North America, we pride ourselves on our commitment to partnership with our clients. That means we make the right recommendations for their needs, not ours, every time. That means we stick through implementation hurdles and help resolve them if they come up – even if the equipment causing trouble isn’t our own.  It means we might have to start small, with a few stand alone kettles or can openers but that we service that relationship with the same care and expertise as we do our global systems clients. We value relationships over transactions. It’s how our business was built and while we’ll forever innovate our equipment and systems to meet the demands of the industry – we’ll never stray from that foundation.