Industrial Rice, Pasta & Vegetable Cookers

Products such as rice, long and short pastas, noodles, alternative grain products, sliced vegetables and even pulses (beans) can be produced using the range of DC Norris Cook Quench & Chill equipment.

Our cook, quench, chill equipment cooks starches like rice, pasta and vegetables and then chills them to 40°F (4°C)  while retaining product definition on susceptible products such as long pasta or noodles.  Our industry leading cook-quench-chill systems prepare delicate foods without sticking, which makes de-nesting of products like noodles easy to achieve without damage.

From a relatively simple kettle based system with overhead hoist to a fully automated system with wave agitation for long pasta and products that are prone to clumping, DC Norris North America’s team of engineers can design, manufacture and install the right solution for your needs.

Capacity Range:

Tip Over Style: 20 – 80 Gallons

Linear and Rotary Kettles : from 40 Gallons

a DC Norris North America cook chill system image not in use

Cook Chill

DC Norris North America's cook-quench-chill equipment while it is not being used


close up of a portion of the root vegetable cooker manufactured by DC Norris North America

Root Vegetable Cooker

Industrial Cooking Solutions for Rice, Pasta & Vegetables

We continually innovate our equipment and systems to meet the demands of today’s consumer. Whether you’re looking to prepare vegetable or legume-based noodles for ready meals or long grain rice – we’ll help you design a system that delivers high quality finished products, maximized yields and the fastest possible production times.


  • White Rice
  • Yellow Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Wild Rice
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Long Grain Rice
  • Short Grain Rice
  • Riced Vegetables & Risottos


  • Long Pasta
  • Short Pasta
  • Shaped Pastas
  • Vegetable & Legume Based Pastas
  • Rice Noodles & Pasta


  • Sliced, Cubed & Whole
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Root Vegetable & Tubers
  • Cruciferous Vegetables

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