Industrial Sous Vide Equipment: The Key to Food Quality & Safety

Industrial sous vide is a cooking technique that involves cooking food under vacuum in airtight plastic pouches which are submerged in a cook tank/ water bath. Products are slow-cooked in the cook tank which is held at a precisely controlled low temperature ensuring foods are cooked evenly and to perfection every time. DC Norris North America offers sous vide cook tanks with capacities up to 1,764 pounds, allowing large-scale industrial food producers to use this cooking method efficiently. We also offer a counter-depth, 50 Gallon capacity sous vide cook tank for commercial use.

Our Industrial Sous Vide Cook Tank Capacities:

MODEL CT-5:   250 kg (551 lbs)

MODEL CT-10:   400 kg (882 lbs)

MODEL CT-20:   800 kg (1,764 lbs)

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Our Industrial Sous Vide Equipment Delivers Perfect Results Every Time

The sous vide method of cooking eliminates guesswork and allows industrial producers to cook foods with incomparable taste and texture; perfectly cooked steak, tender chicken breasts and ribs with the meat falling off the bone. With industrial sous vide, products can also be cooked in a sauce or marinade giving food manufacturers additional recipe choices. Slow cooking foods at a low temperature through the industrial sous vide process improves texture, intensifies the flavors and preserves the nutritional quality of the foods being prepared. Times and temperatures are rigidly controlled so producers can be sure that the results will be the same every time and easily replicable. Products can even be left to cook unattended overnight with guaranteed results.

Sous vide food preparation is used worldwide by professional chefs and is gaining popularity within the food processing industry as its advantages are being recognized.

DC Norris North America has customers using industrial sous vide around the globe; providing meals for schools in Russia, hospitals and care homes in Norway, and cooking goat, chicken, lamb, and camel in Dubai.

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Extended Shelf Life & Other Industrial Sous Vide Cooking Benefits

Foods cooked sous vide have an average shelf life of 60 days.

Unprecedented Control Over the Cooking Process

Sous vide virtually eliminates the potential for human error and inconsistent quality in the finished product.

Maximized Yields

The industrial sous vide method of cooking maximizes yields, particularly among foods traditionally prepared through roasting or similar processes that yield losses of up to 40 percent.

Improved Food Nutrition

Sous vide cooking reduces the need for preservatives and additives.

Meats Are Naturally Tenderized

Other methods of preparation require the use of additional ingredients and spices to tenderize meats. The sous vide process naturally tenderizes meats.

Minimized Processing and Labor Costs

Sous vide can not only be largely unmonitored by human labor, it can also be cooked, chilled, stored, and rethermalized in the same
package (for specific applications) allowing food producers to recognize substantial cost savings.

Centralized Production with Safe & Easy Transport

Sous vide allows prepared and cooked foods to be easily and safely transported great distances without compromising quality.

Biological Barrier Prevents Contamination

The sous vide method provides a biological barrier in its
packaging, preventing many opportunities for contamination during cooking, cooling, and distribution.

Operational Control Over Material Costs

The portion controlled packaging allows operations to control material costs.

Naturally Intensified Flavors

The technique naturally intensifies flavors which allows for lower recipe ingredient costs.

Sous vide, without question, rose to today’s popularity for one main reason: it’s a fool proof way to deliver food products of consistently high quality. Today’s customer demands quality, nutrition, variety, and convenience. Sous vide allows global food producers to answer that demand.

The team at DC Norris North America can turn around a quote quickly. If you’d like to explore the possibility of implementing a sous vide cooking system in your industrial food manufacturing business, request a sous vide proposal today.

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