Jet CookTM

The fastest industrial cooking & mixing system on the market

Jet CookTM is a high speed cooking and mixing system utilizing a direct-contact heating process in which steam collapses at high velocity into the product. This revolutionary system is primarily used for the production of food and beverages, both in batches or continuous process. The capability to simultaneously heat, mix, pump and induct powder with no moving parts makes our finished product quality world leading.

Revolutionizing industrial food & beverage manufacturing with the power of steam

The Science Behind Jet CookTM

Food producers around the world use our ground-breaking technology to create meals of the highest quality, with a safe extended shelf life while reducing processing costs. The patented design of DC Norris North America’s Jet CookTM system uses the Coandă principle, most commonly found in use in the aerodynamic industry. Due to the curved shape of the Coandă Jet CookTM steam infuser, the product is drawn through the nozzle like a jet stream and is pumped, heated, and mixed simultaneously. As the infuser has no moving parts the integrity of ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and pulses are maintained and evenly cooked.

Capacity Range

From 50 gallons

Jet CookTM Features
  • No moving parts eliminates burn on contamination
  • Homogenize, emulsify, entrain, pump and heat in one, rapid step
  • 2″ bore with straight through passage retains particulate integrity
  • Reduces processing times an average of 50-75%
  • Enhanced mixing requires fewer ingredients
  • Powder induction without fish eyes or agglomerations

Our Market Expertise


“Following the great success of the trials, we placed an order for a large Soups and Stock Production line, incorporating the world leading Jet Cook™ system. Once installed we found the production times using Jet Cook™ to be dramatically quicker than our previous systems, while giving excellent finished product quality with no burn-on contamination. The support of the DC Norris technical team has been first class.” 

Faster production, higher yields & better products with Jet CookTM

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