Case Studies

A leading European manufacturer of chilled retail desserts has just completed the installation and commissioning of a Cooking and Cooling System with three new jacketed kettle cooking system, with the revolutionary Jet Cook included, Tumble Chillers and DA cooler systems.

The systems are now producing products such as clotted cream rice pudding, panna cotta and mousse with excellent finished product quality.

The system was ordered following extensive cooking and cooling trials at our UK test facility and at the customers’ own R&D centre.

The Jet Cook’s ability to deliver intense mixing and heating simultaneously, allows the addition of pectins, starch and gums directly into the product without having to pre-slurry in liquid.  With this technology you also achieve superior hydration of these hydrocolloids.

The Company chose to cool using 2 different methods, our DA Cooler for product that will be used immediately on the day of manufacture and Tumble Chillers for product which is made for inventory.  By also using DCN’s transfer systems it gave the customer the least amount of waste and product damage.

We are delighted to have been chosen as partners in the new product expansion to their portfolio.


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