Cooling Equipment

DCN cooling equipment systems offer process innovation and excellence, retaining product quality while also keeping batch times to a minimum.

Our team has over 45 years of processing experience and a wealth of recipe knowledge; they can assist you with both the processing solution, and further development of your product.

Customers can choose from three different cooling methods depending on the type of product and process requirements.  After careful consultation, we will offer the customer the right choice to retain product quality while keeping batch times to a minimum.

Tumble Chilling

As part of the DCN Cook-Chill system, filled casings made from a special blend of plastics to retard bacterial growth are conveyed into a purpose built rotary tumble chiller.  This method reduces the temperature of cooked food to below 40°F (4°C) in under an hour, with cooling times and temperatures fully logged.  Sealed casings are Learn More

Static Coolers

STATIC COOLERS For processes requiring large batch cooling in stand-alone vessels, DCN offer an extensive range of static DA coolers with unique, scraped surface agitators.  Their large surface area to product ratio allows rapid cooling times, without damage to particulates or adverse effect on quality or taste.  Product is gently transferred to the Coolers using Learn More

Vacuum Cooling

We can also offer VACUUM COOLING – the batch cooling of liquids with or without particulates can be as quick as 30-45 minutes (product dependent). Vacuum systems are available from 26 gallons to 500 gallons batch sizes, and we can offer both direct and indirect contact cooling options. The vacuum can be utilized to transfer from a Learn More