Static Coolers


For processes requiring large batch cooling in stand-alone vessels, DCN offer an extensive range of static DA coolers with unique, scraped surface agitators.  Their large surface area to product ratio allows rapid cooling times, without damage to particulates or adverse effect on quality or taste.  Product is gently transferred to the Coolers using our vacuum transfer system and the cooling cycle is closely monitored to eliminate the risk of thermal shock and separation.  Once cooled, product can then be pumped, or using the over-pressure system with sterile air, transferred into vessels.  They can then be taken to the filling line for depositing, avoiding product damage and keeping losses to a minimum.

  • Vessel is capable of taking a vacuum to allow filling of product  without the need for transfer pumps
  • 15 psi internal pressure rating for product evacuation using sterile air overpressure
  • Insulated, with a conical bottom and stainless steel cladding
  • Vertical product zone with scraping surface type, variable speed agitator fitted with replaceable food approved plastic blades
  • Fixed lid design with manway for incorporating into CIP cleaning systems, or:
  • Full diameter, counter balanced, domed top lid for complete access to product zone, available as an option