Our Food Processing Software: Recipe Manager

Our Recipe Manager software package is simple to use and offers a flexible method of controlling a recipe-driven production process. Working closely with our customers to understand and identify what they require; we have developed the very best recipe management software system on the market.

The user-friendly Recipe Manager system allows commercial food producers to create ingredient listings, step–by–step procedural recipes and user access security with all recipes stored to a relational database. The system maintains full records of kettle yields, allowing bar code identification from preparation through to packaging and ensures all HACCP controls are met.

Recipe Manager Features

  • Forces the operator to follow a logical sequence of events
  • Temperatures, cook times and motor speeds are automatically controlled by the recipe
  • Visual display of plant layout and fault notification
  • Records all weights, temperatures, sequences, deviations and errors.
  • Creates batch reports in text and graph formats
  • Piped additions are batched in automatically and verified by either load cell or flow meter
  • Touch Screen for operator use
  • DCN Software Engineers can log-in remotely utilising a local broadband connection and make any updates to your system or assist with queries
  • Displays machine operator HMI screens in real time (remote view)
  • Data can be exported to most popular formats such as Xls, Pdf and HTML

Food Processing Software: Virtual Chart Recorder

The DC Norris Virtual Chart Recorder software has been designed to record real-time data produced by your processing system. This allows industrial food manufacturers to log information relating to temperature changes in any cooking and/or cooling process.

The Virtual Chart Recorder software stores this data in a database that remains ready for our clients to quickly produce historic cycle process records and trends.

Virtual Chart Recorder Features

  • Can record data from a variety of different machines – not just DC Norris equipment
  • All data stored in Relational database
  • Records recipe and operator names
  • Records Date, batch time (start, finish, total)
  • Reports generated and printed against selected database records
  • Data can be exported to most popular formats such as Xls, Pdf and HTML Displays machine operator HMI screens in real time (remote view)