Finlays Tea & Coffee


“We hired DC Norris North America because we knew their equipment was the most efficient and reliable on the market. But that’s only part of the reason we value DC Norris North America as a processing partner. As the world’s largest independent provider of high quality tea extracts here at Finlays, we knew that we would not only need their processing equipment but also their ability to implement their systems in an unconventional way for our very specific needs.

There were hiccups along the way and our circumstances required DC Norris North America to help us interface with and integrate other equipment providers. Not only did they do so with world-class professionalism, they persevered until the challenges we faced integrating the different systems were solved and the finished product was perfect. They delivered solutions accurately and quickly, proving to us that they truly understand the sense of urgency our business has when it comes to producing products for some of the world’s leading beverage brands.

They are genuinely a solutions-focused partner, putting their client’s needs first every time, without exception. As a high volume global beverage producer, we need more than equipment to get our products from Bush to Cup, we need partners who will help us solve the inevitable challenges that come up along the way. DC Norris North America is that partner.”

-Nigel McGinn, VP of Operations

DC Norris North America Testimonial from Finlays