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The Latest From Our Commercial Test Kitchen

Since the turn of the calendar launched us into 2019 there’s been a lot happening in the commercial test kitchen at our UK headquarters. Here’s a roundup of the latest trials and new technology from DC Norris.

Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion Trials

Our patented Jet Cook™ advanced steam infusion technology continues to break new ground in high speed commercial cooking and mixing. It’s the power behind the world’s fastest maheu production line and dramatically accelerates the cooking process for soups, sauces, beverages and ready-meals by combining mixing, heating, pumping and homogenizing into one, simultaneous stage. Jet Cook™ decreases production times by an average of 50 percent and the patented system allows producers to cut energy costs and waste by consolidating multiple systems and stages into one.

Here’s a look at a recent test kitchen trial for creamy rice pudding where in just 30 minutes, more than 500 pounds of product was successfully produced.

Jet Cook™ brought home the Top Futuristic Technology Award at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai last year for good reason – it’s revolutionizing high speed cooking and mixing for producers around the globe. Other Jet Cook™ steam infusion trials conducted so far this year include apple sauce and curry paste, both of which concluded with astonishing finished product quality.

Curry Paste Trial Proves 25 Raw Ingredient Additions to Be No Issue for Jet Cook™

The curry paste trial delivered finished product in a fraction of the traditional processing time with zero burn-on. The color, texture, flavor and oil separation  following the trial was an exact match to their existing finished product. With more than 25 raw ingredient additions, all controlled through our Recipe Manager software, the curry paste trial with our Jet Cook™ system was a resounding success.

Jet Cook™ Addresses The Challenge of Bringing Batch Products Up to Cooking Temperature Without Discoloration

The test kitchen also ran trials on a high quality apple sauce that contained more than 60% fresh apple content. Adding large volumes of chilled ingredients, like fresh apples, to a batch process poses unique challenges in getting the batch back to an even cooking temperature. Jet Cook™ is the perfect match for this challenge as it heats and mixes from the center of the vessel outward. This ensures rapid and even heating throughout the vessel and minimizes temperature variances throughout the batch.

Due to the rapid heating and even mixing, the apple sauce maintained its fresh flavor and color.  dc norris north america apple sauce production trial using Jet Cook™

Jet Cook™ A Unique Fit For North America’s Healthy, Dairy-Free & Alternative Beverage Market

When powders such as CMC, guar, xanthan and other thickeners are introduced into a liquid recipe, there is the challenge of mixing without agglomerates forming.

Our Jet Cook™ powder entrainment system eliminates the agglomerates, or fish eyes, by collapsing steam into the liquid for a controllable homogenizing effect which breaks down these agglomerates and ensures total separation and immersion.

This homogenizing effect allows hard traditionally hard to wet-out/mix powders (starch, maize, flour etc.) to be fully entrained into the liquid phase with speed and unparalleled control.

To learn more about Jet Cook™ and how it might apply to your product line, contact us today.

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Sous Vide Trials

As a commercial cooking technique, sous vide continues to gain tremendous momentum across North America. Industrial sous vide systems are the key to precision cooking and can be used to deliver repeat, impeccable results at scale. Commercial sous vide also helps decrease food waste as it allows producers to tightly control portions and ingredients, extend product shelf life and decrease the threat of bacterial contamination when combined with the cook-chill process.

DC Norris was instrumental in presenting the cook chill concept to the European market in the early 1970’s and it was this very process that fueled and supported the world’s fastest growing ready-meal market. Today, DC Norris North America brings that experience in fresh, convenience food preparation techniques and machinery to the evolving convenience food market in North America.

From Rib Eye to Pork Spare Ribs, DC Norris Runs Sous Vide Trials for the High Quality Proteins Cuisine Alimentra Foods Is Renowned For

Quebec-based Cuisine Alimentra provides high quality proteins and sauces to retailers across the globe so that they can offer fresh, healthy, convenience dishes to their discerning customers. Eliminating the guesswork that goes into the preparation of these proteins, like steak, is paramount to Cuisine Alimentra Foods so that they can deliver impeccable quality and value by tightly controlling the process and ingredients used. We recently completed a variety of trials in our test kitchen cooking meats for Cuisine Alimentra with our sous vide systems and were able to achieve excellent results.

When asked about his impression of the sous vide trials, Flavio Corneli of Cuisine Alimentra remarked,

“The trial was very conclusive. Products came out as expected. The reception was just great from senior management and the owner was fantastic.”

Here are some trial photos of the proteins prepared in the sous vide test kitchen trials.

commercial test kitchen photos from dc norris sous vide trialscommercial test kitchen photos of pork spare ribs from dc norris sous vide trialscommercial test kitchen photos of cooked spare ribs from dc norris sous vide trialscommercial test kitchen photos of rare done rib eye from dc norris sous vide trials









We look forward to continued advancements and developments this year. If you would like to know more about Jet Cook™ high speed commercial cooking and mixing, or industrial sous vide cooking systems provided by DC Norris North America, complete our contact form.