jet cook steam infusion

This week the DCN team have been installing the first of two new Jet Cook Steam Infusion production systems purchased by a leading food producer in Azerbaijan, following a meeting in Dubai, trials and customer visits in the UK.

The company is a leader in the production of food products across Azerbaijan, Iraq, the Middle East, Russia, China and the CIS countries. These foods included canned meat meals, ready meals, sauces, fruit preparations, dairy spreads, tea and fruit preparations to mention only a few.

The Jet Cook Steam Infusion system we installed along with a Powder Induction System, 1000kg Steam Jacketed Vessel, Vapour Reduction System and Recipe Manager Software will be producing ready meals, meat sauces, fruit sauces, jams and soups. The system will increase their already excellent product quality, reduce labour cost and most importantly allow them to further develop the catering and food service opportunities of this fastly developing country.

The first products we produced were for the traditional markets, ones such as Qulijy (Goulash), Mal Eti Qulyes (Beef broth) and Cherry Conserve all of which passed the strict taste panelling.

Customer Comment –  “Incredibly versatile system with impressive finished product quality and speed”

We will be returning to Azerbaijan in the next couple of months to install their new 4,000ltrs p/h Multi-In-Line Jet Cook Steam infusion system for the production of condensed milk.