Have you spent time on the new dcnorrisna.com?

We’re very proud to unveil our new look here on the website. We focused heavily on improving the overall user experience and making it easier for visitors to find the industrial food processing solutions they’re after. You’ll notice a brighter, bolder, more vibrant visual identity (by design) and an interface that presents the crucial information about our processing equipment and systems clearly. Tell us what you think of this new look!



In addition to the new website, we’ve expanded our food processing equipment portfolio to include industrial lifting and discharging equipment.

We’ve widened our offerings to include lifting, loading and discharging equipment so that we can continue to serve our clients as true partners in their industrial food processing needs. DC Norris North America’s lifting and discharging solutions include a robust line of standard loaders, swing loading equipment, special loading equipment and a complete catalog of adapters and accessories. Visit the lifting and discharging page to learn more about the available equipment including:

  • LOADER L25: The L25 is a sturdy loader, specifically suitable for tasks within the food industry requiring accuracy and stability.
  • LOADER L50:  The L50 loader is specifically designed for lifting and discharging of containers.

You can also download our lifting and discharging equipment brochure to see all of the available loaders and additional equipment.

We look forward to continuing to serve North America’s most recognized, innovative and loved food producers.