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Using Sous Vide for Casino Food Service

When most people think of dining in a casino, they immediately think of the all-you-can-eat buffets. In fact, most casinos are known for their food offerings as much as they are for their slots or table games. While poker hands dealt out on the floor might be the same from one side of the country to the next – the food is not. Casinos that can offer their customers a great gaming environment coupled with high-quality dining options will stand apart from their competitors. 

A way to differentiate your casino food options is to provide delicious, precisely-cooked, and seasoned selections every single time. However, with a large number of customers at the casinos eating around the clock, keeping up with these high-quality standards can be challenging. To keep up with the demand for round-the-clock high-quantity food – casinos have had to think of creative solutions. Investing in commercial sous vide machines that can bulk produce a perfectly cooked prime rib (for example) with minimal employee attendance keeps costs low, quality superb, and inventory always ready to meet demand.

The Benefits Of A Commercial Sous Vide Machine for Casino Food Service

Using a sous vide for casino food operations has more benefits than just cost savings. The unique sous vide process, which involves cooking food in a temperature-controlled water bath in vacuum-sealed plastic pouches, produces a perfectly cooked product every time. From ribs to chicken or fish – a meal cooked sous vide will come out with fantastic texture and flavor every time without the addition of artificial tenderizers or an overload of sodium that depletes nutritional quality. With consistent results from the cooking process, casino food producers can rely on the sous vide process to fill their buffet and fine dining restaurants with a consistent product that will keep customers coming back for more. Some additional benefits of using a commercial sous vide machine in a casino are: 

Increased Grab And Go Options

A commercial sous vide machine is the perfect way to fill up a casino’s grab-and-go section. Often, players don’t want to leave the floor or want an option to grab a quick meal before heading back out to the fun. Using the sous vide process, you can create meals or snacks ahead of time then pre-package them for pickup by guests out on the casino floor. It’s the perfect way to provide healthy, prepackaged meals to go.

Fine Dining Quality Finished Product from Value Cuts

Since the sous vide cooking process cooks products slow and long, you can take less expensive cuts of meat, slow roast it to perfection, and serve meals that taste as superb as high-value cuts! This process can help save on ingredient costs and offer customers the delicious taste and texture they seek. 

Bulk Buffet Cooking Options

Buffet eating is a staple at most casinos across the country, and they are also a big differentiator for many casinos. Using commercial sous vide machines like the CT-1, casinos can make large quantities of high-end and delicious food without worrying about yield loss, overcooking, or product waste. 

Sous Vide Innovation With DC Norris

As a pioneer in designing, manufacturing, and installing sous vide machines around the globe – we are confident this machinery will work for your casino food operations. We have designed and implemented processing systems to increase yields and overall efficiency for our clients during the last 50 years in the food machinery industry. Commercial sous vide machines, like the CT-1 and our other state-of-the-art cook chill equipment, can increase your bottom line and improve operational efficiency, safety, and product quality. Contact us today to learn more about the CT-1 or other machinery.