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Advanced product and process Jet Cook ™ training at Sandridge Foods in Cleveland, Ohio.

We converted some of Sandridge’s recipes from traditional cooking processes to Jet Cook processing, including broccoli cheese, lobster bisque, chicken noodle soup and baked potato soup to mention a few.

We also ran some recipes with a combination of both Jet Cook™ and Braising Bar on products such as bolognese to give the meat a far better texture, the meat also had better integrity at the end of the cook. The Braising Bar was also used to produce a roux base for products such as macaroni cheese and lobster bisque, giving a really homemade flavour to the product.  All the products were produced in a fraction of the traditional product time with excellent finished product quality.

Dan Zakri, Innovation Director commented, “The team had a very productive work session with Stuart last week, and we appreciate his and DCN’s level of work and expertise as we continue to learn about their equipment”.

The team has converted many recipes over to Jet Cook™, and in a very short time they have done an amazing job to both understanding how the Jet Cook™ works and the benefits it gives to different products.