cook chill, cook quench chill


Specially designed Cook Chill systems, including 2 x Cooking Kettles, a Linear Cook Quench Chill system, automated Wok and 2 x Tumble Chillers; leave DCN today for their North American packers and shippers.

The equipment was sold by DC Norris North America to a leading Cook Chill  Systems manufacturer. The kettles have the revolutionary Jet Cook ™ Steam Infusion units installed along with In-Vessel emulsifiers and Braising/Roux Bar, to provide the maximum flexibility required from today’s cook-chill process. The Recipe Manager System enables the operator to follow a logical sequence established during creation of the recipe, and also provides accurate data recording.  Designed to cook rice, vegetable and pasta products, the Linear Cook Quench Chill Systems follow the same cooking process as our original CQC machine but has a smaller footprint/design to suit a compressed factory production area; whilst still providing the high throughput required from production.

The systems were all manufactured in the UK to suit our clients exacting requirements, following on from in-depth trials and technical discussions over the last 12 months with their in-house product/process specialists and design teams.

The recent pre-delivery inspection went very well, with the client’s representative recording his appreciation for the level of support we gave; after we connected the equipment up to our in-house utilities so we could perform some ‘hot wet testing’ prior to dispatch.

Cook Chill System leaves for North America