jet cook steam infusion

Last week we completed our final set of product testing with one of South Africa’s food giants, who produce approximately 500,000 fresh baked pies every day. The trials were held at our test facility within the Cape Town Peninsula University of Technology, using our World-leading Jet Cook Steam Infusion System and Braising Bar.

We cooked two of their popular pie filling recipes – Steak and Pepper, and Chicken and Mushroom, with the objective to reduce the present processing times, and increase the visible meat appearance and quality.

During the Steak Filling Trials, we first cooked off the onions and seared the steak using our patented Braising Bar, which both seals in the moisture and gives it more structure, thus reducing break-down during the cooking. The final product was produced in a fraction of the traditional cooking time with an increased finished product yield and far more visible and high quality meat chunks.

A similar process was used for the Chicken Pie filling, and again a reduced processing time was achieved, as well as a dramatically improved finished product quality.

Following the days’ trial, the Technical Manager – Special Projects commented, “the Steam Infusion System is unbelievable, the finished product quality is first-class and the processing time incredibly quick.”

The customer also kindly donated all of the 2000Kgs of finished product to a local Cape Town charity for the homeless, a fantastic gesture. DCN are delighted to be working with them on this major upgrade of their production equipment.

Jet cook steam infusion

Jet Cook Steam Infusiuon