a kettle being manufactured by one of the skilled tradesman at DC Norris

DC Norris tradesman hard at work fabricating world class industrial food processing machinery for DC Norris North America


DC Norris opened North American operations in 2015 to bring the world-class industrial food processing equipment from DC Norris to food producers in the United States and Canada.

Based in Traverse City, Michigan, DC Norris North America’s office is conveniently located less than 10 miles from Cherry Capital Airport – making it easy for the sales and engineering team to be on site with clients during the initial consultation, sales and design process.

If the solutions presented fit your needs and the capital expenditure is approved; what happens next? 

How long does it take? What if something breaks? How are parts and maintenance handled? Who can you call if you have an issue?

Great questions. Here are the answers.


a kettle being manufactured by one of the skilled tradesman at DC NorrisHow Long Does It Take To Get DC Norris Equipment?

DC Norris will begin manufacturing your equipment as quickly as possible and your sales contact at DC Norris North America will let you know precisely when that will begin.

This depends largely on the manufacturing capacity available at the time of your order. However, we will make every effort, early in the process, to understand any critical delivery deadlines and reverse engineer the manufacturing timeline to hit those deadlines if possible. Once manufacturing begins, equipment fabrication times vary but can often be completed within a few weeks



Can We Try It Before We Buy It?

What if we want to make sure a recipe will perform well before ordering the equipment?

Short answer: yes! Testing recipes and products is crucial to the success of your business. DC Norris is committed to ensuring client success and has invested heavily in the development of a comprehensive onsite test kitchen at their UK headquarters. The UK test kitchen facility is fully equipped with a range of DC Norris equipment from cook chill and Jet Cook™ to sous vide cook tanks. In the test kitchen, we can rigorously test equipment and how it performs for your products in a true food factory environment. The test kitchen services available include steam, chilled water, air and electric. In the test kitchen, the DC Norris team is on hand to assist in recipe development and to give counsel as you fully assess equipment before deciding to place an order.


DC Norris North America President, Dick Smith and DC Norris Founder, David Norris meeting with new DC Norris clients following a successful equipment PDI. Approved equipment will now ship off to be installed.How Do You Handle PDIs (Pre-Delivery Inspections)?

All DC Norris clients are absolutely welcome to come on site and inspect the equipment manufactured for their facility prior to it shipping from our UK-based manufacturing facility. This is a common occurrence and often, clients choose to also use the test kitchen to conduct full pre-delivery trials to ensure the equipment is running to its full potential before leaving the DC Norris manufacturing facility and being installed. This is also an excellent opportunity for clients to be fully trained on their equipment in advance of delivery and installation.


Who Will Be Present During Installation?

Who will train us on the new equipment following installation if we don’t travel to the UK for a PDI?

Visiting our manufacturing facility in the UK to inspect and test equipment prior to delivery is not a requirement. Prior to shipping, all equipment undergoes rigorous quality control inspections. When equipment arrives at your facility and is scheduled for installation, your DC Norris North America team will schedule a site visit to ensure that things have been installed properly and are functioning as they should. This site visit also commonly serves as the time that the DC Norris North America team trains yours on how to use the newly installed equipment.


What If The Equipment Breaks Down or Malfunctions?

You can call or email your DC Norris North America team for prompt, responsive assistance with all of these matters.

Your DC Norris North America team is located in Michigan (Eastern Standard Time) and available to you. Your calls will be answered by your team, not a call center or remote location. If there’s a problem or a need, call your DC Norris North America team and they will help you handle it expeditiously. We know downtime is a critical issue in every manufacturing facility and will work urgently to resolve any trouble you may encounter.


What If We Need Spare or Replacement Parts?

Replacement and spare parts ordering is also handled through our DC Norris North America office.

So as needs arise, simply contact your DC Norris North America team by phone or email. Several commonly needed parts are stocked in DC Norris North America’s Michigan-based warehouse.


Who Do You Call With Questions or Needs?

Your team. In the DC Norris North America office.

If it’s required that we reach out to our home office, we’ll do that for you. Help, parts, expertise is never more than a phone call to your team in Traverse City, Michigan away. We manufacture processing equipment but partnering with our clients is truly our purpose. Service and expertise are just two of the things you can count on when you choose DC Norris North America for your industrial food processing equipment needs.