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Our Best Processing Equipment for Ice Cream Toppings & Sweet Sauces


The Jet Cook™ System is an ideal solution for manufacturing ice cream toppings and sweet sauces. It helps to reduce energy, water, and time investments in handling sticky syrups and sauces without compromising quality or taste.

Process sugary, sticky sauces with ease using the Jet Cook™ System.

The Jet Cook™ System is an efficient way to cook and combine ingredients. This simple system reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, as well as water usage by 30% compared to traditional cooking methods. With the Jet Cook™ System, you can process sugary, sticky sauces with ease.

Jet Cook™ is a high-speed cooking and mixing system utilizing a direct-contact heating process in which steam collapses at high velocity into the product. This revolutionary system can produce sweet, sticky sauces and toppings in both batches or continuous process. The capability to simultaneously heat, mix, pump, and induct powder with no moving parts makes our finished product quality world-leading. With the Jet Cook™ System, there’s no need for additional mixing or blending equipment.

See Jet Cook™ in action:

The Jet Cook™ System is a simple way to cook and combine ingredients.

 The DC Norris Jet Cook™ system significantly reduces processing times and dramatically cuts clean-in-place requirements, without compromising quality or flavor. It is a revolutionary fluid processing solution that can homogenize, emulsify, entrain, pump, and heat with impressive, rapid performance. Jet Cook™ is perfect for making sauces, jams and jellies, dressings, and marinades as well as other thick or viscous liquids or purees.

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Alabama Chocolate Fudge Icing

Jet Cook™ Systems are allergen-safe.

Jet Cook™ Systems are allergen-safe, easy to clean and use. 

Get your ice cream toppings to market faster with Jet Cook™ Systems.

Whether you’re making ice cream toppings or sweet sauces, our Jet Cook™ Systems are a fast and cost-effective way to get your products to market.

Our unique technology uses steam infusion to cook ingredients without heat transfer loss or evaporation. The end result is a product that’s ready in half the time of traditional cooking methods.

Improve quality, consistency, and taste with Jet Cook™ Systems.

When it comes to cooking, consistency is key. No one wants a runny sauce or lumpy toppings when scooping their favorite ice cream treat. That’s where Jet Cook™ Systems come in, with their ability to cook and process foods at high temperatures in a short amount of time, while also improving quality, consistency, and taste.

If your business has a high output of toppings or sauces, we recommend using our Jet Cook™ System to process them quickly and efficiently while saving space in your facility.

This equipment can help you process the syrups and sweet sauces your customers want.

We have processing equipment that can help you process the syrups and sweet sauces your customers want.

Increase Quality, Consistency, Taste

You need to be sure that each flavor of ice cream topping or dessert sauce is the same every time it’s made. This processing equipment helps ensure that all of your toppings and sauces meet quality standards for consistency and taste.

Reduce Energy and Water Consumption

Our processing equipment reduces energy consumption by up to 50% compared with other methods, which means lower operational costs. And because our equipment uses less water than traditional cooking processes, using our equipment will also reduce your environmental impact.


These are just some of the ways you can use Jet Cook™ Systems to make your ice cream toppings and sweet sauces. If you have any questions about how this equipment could be used in your production facility, please contact us at or call (231) 935-1519.