America’s Favorite Super Bowl Snacks & The DC Norris Equipment They’re Made With

America’s Favorite Super Bowl Snacks & The DC Norris Equipment They’re Made With

Super Bowl LVI is on Sunday and for many Americans, the thought of the once-a-year smorgasbord of snacks looms larger than the game itself. While the Rams and Bengals battle it out on the gridiron, here’s what we’ll be filling up on and a glimpse into how it’s made en masse for game day.

America’s Favorite Superbowl Snacks

Second, only to Thanksgiving, Superbowl Sunday leads the annual calendar in food consumption in the US according to UFCW. So what are America’s favorite Super Bowl snacks?

1) Chips Are a Super Bowl Favorite

It depends on who you ask and what data you follow. Instacart’s Annual Snacktime Report shows that chips are the most grabbed game-day snack. In fact, Instacart reports that a whopping 99% of those who plan to watch the Super Bowl will do so with a chip (or a whole bag) in hand.  Tortilla chips lead the rank. In 2021, Instacart reported that in the week leading up to the Super Bowl they sold 66,498 pounds of a particular brand of tortilla chip – Tostitos Scoops.

Tostitos scoops have a very specific job. That job is to hold and transport America’s other favorite Super Bowl snack, decadent and savory dips,  into hungry mouths.

DC Norris equipment is widely used to produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of the cheesy, savory dips we know and love. Recently, our Jet Cook system was used to make velvety smooth jalapeno cheese sauce fit to top the tortilla chips of game-day revelers. Here’s a look at a successful trial to show you just how 1,058 lbs of jalapeno cheese sauce are made in 40 minutes with Jet Cook.


2) Americans Reach for Chicken Wings on Super Bowl Sunday

Chicken wings and football are synonymous. Whether baked or fried, bone-in or boneless there’s one thing for certain, there better be sauce. On the wings themselves and on the side for dipping. Whether classic spicy buffalo is what you’re craving or rich and smokey bbq sauce is more your style, Jet Cook can handle the sauce production. 

Here’s a case study about BBQ sauce produced on our Jet Cook equipment and a look at how rich, smokey BBQ sauce is made on the Jet Cook System.

3) Dips Are an American Game-Day Favorite

Instacart’s data shows that our top three favorite dips for Super Bowl Sunday are salsa, queso, and guacamole. Clearly, all designed for a chip. But what’s suited for dunking french fries, tater tots, chicken tenders, and other finger foods? Tomato ketchup of course. And we have a video showing you how we make that with Jet Cook.

Is Jet Cook the Real Super Bowl MVP?

We’re certainly partial, but have you ever watched the Super Bowl without a delicious sauce or dip turned out by our Jet Cook system? Jet Cook’s speed and precision are akin to Ja’Maar Chase who is quickly shaping up to be the fastest player in history. But will his speed be enough to take home a ring for the Bengals this Sunday? We’ll all have to watch (and snack) to find out.

Learn more about Jet Cook. >>

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