Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Case Study


This popular sauce can be difficult to produce consistently due to the high sugar content, low water activity and viscosity.

The high sugar content of the recipe can cause serious burn-on both during production and discharge. The lack of free water in the recipe can cause viscosity issues in the finished product as the starch competes with the sugar for water.

Issues also occur when the vessel is being emptied as the product leaves a thin layer on the vessel, this causes burn-on due to the latent heat in the jacket. The most common way to avoid this is to produce the product using a low-pressure steam jacket which then dramatically increases your cooking time.


We used our Jet CookTM Steam Infusion system to simultaneously heat, mix and induct the starch into the product, giving the starch time to fully hydrate prior to the sugar addition.

With its ability to hydrate starch at a lower temperature whilst rapidly heating, we ensure we achieve consistent and repeatable hydration, viscosity and product consistency.

The intense mixing capability of the unit results in the finished product having a fresh, clean flavor. The Jet CookTM Steam Infusion System has no direct heated surfaces so zero burn-on, and with no direct hot surfaces the finished product has a very high gloss finish.


A 1000kg batch was produced in 30 minutes with perfect particulate integrity and a well-rounded flavor. We installed 2 x 2500lts Jet CookTM Steam Infusion Systems in the UK following this successful trial.