Jet Cook Steam Infusion

Jet Cook Steam Infusion Ground Breaking Trials

Due to the global demand for their product, they have teamed up with the DC Norris’ Jet Cook Steam Infusion team to look at replicating some of their base nougat using our world-leading technology.

Sally Williams are South Africa’s most prestigious and premium award-winning confectioners, their exquisite products are complimented with eye-catching packaging which is on sale all over the world. Presently their products are handcrafted in small batches to the highest standards of confectionery excellence by their supremely skilled nougatiers.

Together with DCN’s South African agent, Courlander’s we ran trials at our test facility in Cape Town Peninsula University, using Jet Cook Steam Infusion along with Braising Bar and Recipe Manager technology. The product batch was produced in a fraction of the time it would take to produce this volume in the factory using existing technology. The result was some excellent base nougat produced to Sally’s extremely high standards.

Another benefit of our technology is that there is zero burn on, even when temperatures reached 130°C+, which meant no clean down required between batches. As Cape Town is presently experiencing a severe drought with no rain fall for more than 20 months water is extremely precious.
Jet Cook Steam InfusionJet Cook Steam Infusion