The Benefits of Upgrading to a Fully Automated Commercial Sous Vide Machine


With today’s equipment advancements in food technology, many large-scale restaurants, and small-scale food manufacturers reap the benefits of upgrading to a fully automated commercial sous vide machine. When providing mass amounts of food options to restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, and more, keeping costs down while also offering an excellent product is a high priority. 

With food and labor costs tipping the scales as the highest expenditure for commercial food businesses, finding ways to lower and stabilize these costs is an integral part of keeping the doors open. Transitioning to automated sous vide cooking techniques and equipment can be an excellent addition to your business that provides economic and organizational benefits.

Economic & Operational Benefits of A Commercial Sous Vide Machine

Using a commercial sous vide machine, like the CT-1, provides fully automatic operation for cooking stages in your commercial kitchen. The CT-1 unit’s touch screen, optional virtual chart recorder, and power-failure memory retention technology offers your food business a high-tech commercial sous vide product that will provide the following economic and operational benefits: 

Waste reduction: Foods roasted in the oven or seared on the cooktop are more likely to dry out or be accidentally overdone, which results in waste. A commercial sous vide machine reduces this risk and retains the product integrity, which results in a 10-20% increase in product yields. 

Food consistency: When you cook using the sous vide technique, your food is cooked at a precise temperature for an extended amount of time. Using a fully automated commercial sous vide machine will provide scalable and consistent results. 

Excellent taste: With sous vide cooking, the food cooks its own natural juices, ensuring that the finished product is moist, juicy, and tender. 

Reduced labor costs: Traditional food preparation and cooking requires a person’s constant attention. With a fully automated commercial sous vide machine like the CT-1, products can be left unattended overnight to cook with no human interaction. This overnight advantage provides a delicious product and significantly lowers labor costs.

Reduced energy costs: Not only does a sous vide machine use less energy in its operational function than some traditional counterparts, but cooking throughout the night will save money on your electric bill. Typically, off-peak hours are times when energy costs are reduced, and these power savings will be reflected in your bottom line. 

Time savings: Teaching employees to operate a fully automated commercial sous vide machine is simple. Without needing complicated training, employees will be able to run the machine. The time saved with this process will free up labor for other operations in your food business.  

Benefit With Our 50 Gallon Sous Vide Cook Tank 

Model CT-1, our 50 Gallon, stainless steel, fully-automated sous vide cook tank was designed for commercial kitchens that need reliable sous vide cooking with a smaller footprint. For those food businesses looking to produce more sous vide cooked foods than they can with a smaller, less reliable polycarbonate water bath and circulator setup, the CT-1 is the perfect answer. Officially launched in North America in October 2020, this product was designed for QSRs and restaurant chains, hospitals, catering organizations, education institutions, and other commercial kitchens. Providing a long list of economic and organizational benefits for any commercial kitchen, transitioning to this automated commercial sous vide machine will produce consistent superior finished product quality and lower operational expenses.

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