Cook Quench Chill

DCN NA has recently secured an order for Cook Chill Equipment with our Model 3001 Cook Chill machine to a west coast food producer. Cooking pasta rice and beans as a ready cooked and part-chilled ingredient for their range of soups, the Model 3001 Cook Chill is a fully automated recipe driven system. The unique ‘wave’ agitation system ensures all products are effectively de-nested and cooked without clumping, speeding up the cooking and chilling process. This is the second of these automated systems to be installed in the USA, and will be installed and commissioned by the start of the busy soup season.


Model 3000/3001 – Continuous production by cooking, chilling and cooling a wide range of products, including short pasta, rice, potato and vegetable type products.

  1. Product is cooked in the first tank which contains hot water
  2. Product is transferred to the second Quench tank containing cold (ambient) water to take the bulk heat out of the product, stop the cooking and refresh the product.
  3. The final tank contains chilled water and completes the cooling process.

The baskets containing the product can lift and lower in the water to give a gentle agitation in each of the three stages.  The final exit of product is usually into a de-watering vibrating conveyor.