Equipment Focus: Rotary Tumble Chiller

Efficient chilling processes are critical in the food industry and rotary tumble chillers are a standout solution.

Why Efficient Chilling Matters

In food processing, controlling temperature is a matter of both quality and safety. Efficient chilling aids in preserving flavors, textures, and nutritional values while inhibiting bacterial growth. Bacteria, particularly pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria, thrive in certain temperature ranges, notably between 40°F and 140°F (4°C to 60°C), known as the “Danger Zone.” Rapid chilling quickly brings down the temperature of food products out of this danger zone, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial growth and potential foodborne illnesses. For processed and prepared foods, the FDA outlines specific cooling methods and times to ensure safety. This is where rotary tumble chillers come into play, offering precision and uniformity in cooling. Rotary tumble chillers help manufacturers adhere to safety and efficiency guidelines, particularly for high-risk products like dairy and prepared meals.

Rapid chilling can extend the shelf life of food products. By slowing down the degradation process and inhibiting bacterial growth, food products can be held in cold storage for longer periods without spoilage or reductions in quality. This is particularly important for the commercial distribution of food.

Particularly in the case of meat and seafood, rapid chilling helps in retaining moisture, leading to a better yield. Less moisture loss means the final product retains more of its original weight, which is a distinct cost savings for food producers.

In a commercial or industrial setting, rapid chilling can create improvements in the overall efficiency of the food processing chain. By quickly lowering the temperature of products, it allows for faster turnaround times, enabling more efficient use of equipment and space in the facility.

Our Rotary Tumble Chillers

At DC Norris North America, our rotary tumble chillers utilize a rotating drum design, which ensures that the product is evenly cooled from all angles. This method is not only time and resource-saving but also gentle on the product, preserving its integrity.

TC 30 – TC 150

Post-cooking, bagged product is immersed in chilled water, the drum then rotates, gently tumbling the bags and massaging the product to ensure complete cooling and minimal product damage. Large batches of food can be rapidly chilled in their flexible plastic casings to below 4°C (40°F), extending refrigerated shelf life for up to 45 days.

Capacity: 79/132/198/264 Gallons
Features: HMI screen, recycling surge tanks

BCH RotaChill

The BCH RotaChill is ideal for cooling a variety of products to below 41 degrees F in approximately 90 minutes (product & size dependent). The RotaChill can also be used to extend the product shelf life within the factory environment. The original product will remain fresh without the need to freeze.

Capacity: 396 Gallons
  • Quick-release filter to prevent blocking of the heat exchanger
  • Automatic rotary bag discharge feature – easy access for bag removal
  • Upper & lower tank inspection and cleaning ports
  • Level control with automatic water top-up

Rotary Tumble Chillers Offer Versatility

One of the standout features of our rotary tumble chillers is their versatility. They are well-suited to various food products such as cooked meats, vegetables, pasta, rice, and more. From delicate seafood to hearty stews, our rotary tumble chillers are designed to meet diverse cooling needs while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

Technical Advantages

The rotary motion ensures uniform temperature distribution, preventing cold spots and uneven chilling that can hinder finished product quality, shelf stability, and safety. Additionally, the casings used during rotary chilling can also be used for long-term cold storage, limiting handling concerns for producers who are batch cooking and cooling for inventory. Surge tanks are also available for water recovery.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Our rotary tumble chillers are energy efficient and can be used to chill both large and small batch sizes, reducing both operational costs and environmental impact. 

Rotary tumble chillers are an essential tool for modern food processors. They offer versatility, technical superiority, energy efficiency, consistent quality, and food safety in food cooling. 

Rapid chilling is a fundamental part of modern food processing due to its significant impact on safety, quality, efficiency, and compliance. Equipment like rotary tumble chillers is essential in achieving the rapid, uniform reduction in temperature required in today’s food production environments.

We’re here to help you design production systems that will propel your food brands ahead and source the world’s best processing equipment from rotary tumble chillers to industrial cook quench chill systems and more.


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