Official Media Release: CT-1 Receives Approval from the International Sous Vide Association

The background image shows Matt Klein, Vice President of DC Norris North America and Matt La Charite, CEO of the ISVA shaking hands. The headline reads:  DC Norris North America’s CT-1 Sous Vide Cook Tank Receives Prestigious Approval from the 
International Sous Vide Association

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — DC Norris North America, a leader in the commercial and industrial food processing equipment industry, is proud to announce that its flagship commercial sous vide cook tank, the CT-1, has been officially approved by the International Sous Vide Association (ISVA). This prestigious approval underscores the CT-1’s exceptional performance and adherence to the highest standards in sous vide cooking. The CT-1 by DC Norris North America is the only commercial-scale sous vide cook tank to receive the ISVA’s approval.

The ISVA device approval process rigorously tested the CT-1 on four critical criteria for optimal performance in a commercial sous vide tank: temperature stability, accuracy, uniformity, and recovery time.

Temperature Stability: The ISVA praised the CT-1 for its impressive temperature stability, maintaining a variance within 0.25ºF – 0.35ºF during extensive test periods at both 131ºF and 180ºF. “The CT-1 surpassed our expectations,” commented Mike La Charite, ISVA CEO.

Temperature Accuracy: The CT-1 excelled by maintaining temperatures within an extraordinary 0.03ºF – 0.34ºF of the set temperature consistently, far surpassing the acceptable variance of 1ºF.

Uniformity and Recovery Time: The ISVA’s certification trials highlighted the CT-1’s outstanding uniformity in temperature distribution. Even during heating processes, where variability is expected, the CT-1 showed minimal variation. “We were delighted by the CT-1’s uniformity,” La Charite noted. “The temperature difference across different probes rarely exceeded 0.2ºF for lower temperatures and 0.4ºF for higher temperatures.”

In the recovery time tests, the CT-1 demonstrated the capability to efficiently heat products, significantly surpassing food safety guidelines and streamlining kitchen operations.

To learn more about the ISVA’s approved sous vide cooking devices, visit their website:

In addition to the ISVA approval, the CT-1 is NSF Certified and is designed, manufactured, and shipped from the United States. Among its many outstanding features, the CT-1 requires no minimum batch size and is designed to be “plug and play” for commercial operators utilizing standard electric heating and requiring no hood system. The CT-1’s data recording feature is a standout – making regulatory compliance simple and ensuring food safety.


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