Equipment Focus: DC Norris Model 160 Pneumatic Can Opener

Equipment Focus: DC Norris Model 160 Pneumatic Can Opener

Whether you’re in the business of making soup, salsa, potato salad, or pie there’s a good chance that your operation relies on powerful can opening equipment to run safely and efficiently. The DC Norris Model 160 Can Opener suits both industrial and commercial food production businesses with a throughput of 200-300 cans per hour. 

The Model 160 Can Opener Was Designed for Safety & Speed

Our original and best-selling design; the Model 160 Semi-Automatic Can-Opener is suitable for most catering applications where fast lid removal and easy size/height changes are required. The Model 160 is pneumatically powered and is fast and efficient, with a capable throughput of 200-300 cans an hour.

The fully enclosed blade removes the can lid without metal slivers in one clean cut, using the two-handed push button. With interchangeable heads and height blocks, the can-opener is adaptable for a wide range of can sizes and shapes. Operation requires compressed air with a push-fit connection.

Features of the DC Norris Model 160 Can Opener:

  • Heavy-duty hygienic glass bead blasted stainless steel
  • Two-handed push-button operation via pneumatic logic to protect the operator
  • Fully enclosed blade
  • Safety air cut off if head shroud removed
  • No metal slivers
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Easy & fast height change without the need for tools
  • Height block included
  • Easy cleaning
  • Pneumatically powered

The Model 160 Can Opener Specs:

a blue table showing the dimensions and specifications of the DC Norris Model 160 Can Opener

Model 160 Can Opener Renderings:

Model 160 Industrial can opener rendering with height dimension by DC Norris North America


DC Norris Model 160 Options:

  • Support Stand
  • Infeed Table
  • Can Rinse / Air Blast Water Removal Unit
  • Product Chute
  • Drop-In Mesh
  • Can Crushing System
  • Magnetic Lid Removal System

DC Norris Companion Equipment for Model 160 Can Opener

The Model 990 Can Crusher is commonly used with the Model 160 Can Opener to crush cans to roughly 25% of their original height.

Is the Model 160 Can Opener Right for Your Operation?

Talk with a DC Norris North America sales lead today to learn more about the DC Norris Model 160 Can Opener including pricing, ship times, and more.

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