Our Best Equipment for Sauce Production

Our Best Equipment for Sauce Production (Just in Time for BBQ Season)

What industrial food processing equipment is best for sauce production? Whether it’s decadent fudge sauce to top a sundae or savory Carolina BBQ sauce for the 4th of July celebration – North Americans devour all flavors and forms of sauces during the summer months. Today, we’re diving into the best DC Norris equipment for sauce production. See something that suits your needs? Contact our sales team today for a fast quote.

How are Sauces Produced on an Industrial Scale?

Whether the sauce is destined for individual packets or will be sold in bulk, there are two main types of sauce processing:

  • Pasteurization during the mixing process (common for the production of products like tomato ketchup)
  • Pasteurization before the mixing process (common for the production of sauces like mayonnaise where the eggs and oil are pasteurized separately before mixing)

A wide variety of sauces can be made by combining ingredients, from guacamole to dijon mustard, and most sauces are specific to regional taste preferences. As a global manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment, DC Norris has assisted producers worldwide with sauces ranging from Piri Piri to peppercorn brandy sauce.

What DC Norris Equipment is Best for Sauce Production?

For sauces that can be pasteurized during the mixing process, the DC Norris Jet Cook™ system is the fastest cooking and mixing system available. In addition to speed, Jet Cook™ offers food producers a bounty of benefits outlined by the sauce type below. 

Jet Cook™ for Condiments & Dressings

Jet Cook™ can be used to produce a wide variety of dressings, sauces, and condiments including tomato ketchup, BBQ, and sweet chili sauce for both batch and continuous production. Jet Cook™  heats and homogenizes in a single pass. This dramatically cuts production times and reduces salt levels. Sauces with high sugar content, low water activity and high viscosity, such as BBQ can be produced consistently without burn-on contamination thanks to the continuous heating and mixing capabilities of the Jet Cook™ system.

BBQ Sauce


Chili Sauce

Sweet Chili Sauce Case Study:


Jet Cook™ for Sweet Sauces

From decadent fudge to velvety caramel – there’s no shortage of sweet sauces being used to top ice creams, cakes and summer treats in North America. DC Norris’s Jet Cook™ technology produces these dessert sauces along with fruit-based sauces, custards, rice puddings, mousses, flavored creams, and more in a fraction of the production time. 

Producing dairy-based dessert sauces using traditional steam-jacketed kettles creates many burn-on issues and extends processing times. With Jet Cook(™) those same sauces can be produced in half the time. An added Jet Cook(™) benefit for dairy-based dessert sauces is that the rapid heating and simultaneous homogenizing create smaller fat/dairy droplet sizes which results in a decadently creamy mouth feel. 

Jet Cook’s ™ emulsification also creates an attractive, glossy-looking finished product.

Fruit-based sauces are a snap with the Jet Cook(™) system as powders and hard to wet gums such as pectin, xanthan, starch, and CMC are entrained directly into the liquid with no fish eyes or agglomeration. This mixture is then rapidly heated to give a low-temperature gelatinizing/activation. Once the powders are fully or partially activated the fruit is added and quickly but gently mixed into the gel and heated to the required temperature. Jet Cook™ as well as the fruit’s color and texture.

Chocolate Sauce

Toffee Sauce

Lemon Mousse

Alabama Chocolate Fudge Icing Case Study:


Jet Cook™ for Pasta Sauces

From classic marinara to complex Bolognese, Jet Cook™ has proven itself to be an efficient and unmatched system for the production of pasta sauces. With its unique ability to maintain particulate integrity and braising bar technology, even meat-based pasta sauces are produced with more flavor and desirable colors and textures in a fraction of the time of traditional kettle processing.

Cheddar Cheese Sauce


Bechamel Sauce


Ragu Sauce


Bolognese Sauce


Beef Ragu Case Study:


From Sweet to Savory, We Have the Best Equipment for Sauce Production

In addition to our unmatched Jet Cook™ system for cooking and homogenizing sauces both sweet and savory, DC Norris has a robust equipment portfolio to meet your sauce chilling and pumping needs. Contact our sales team today to learn more about which equipment is best matched to your process needs.

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