Equipment Focus: Steam Jacketed Cooking Kettles

Equipment Focus: Steam Jacketed Cooking Kettles

DC Norris manufactures direct steam kettles designed for the cooking and/or mixing of a wide range of foods. Our steam-jacketed cooking kettles are used to prepare soups, casseroles, sauces, preserves, and more. DC Norris specializes in designing steam jacketed kettles and kettle systems that suit each customer’s individual production requirements. Our portfolio of steam jacketed kettles is available with a wide range of features and accessories.

Our Steam Jacketed Kettles Offer a Range of Outlet Options for Flexibility

DC Norris steam jacketed kettles can be integrated into existing production lines by utilizing the range of outlet options that can be fitted to the standard outlet in the base of the kettle. These include manual or automatic ball/butterfly valves and EHeDG-certified, air-operated flush fitting drop-down valves. 

Steam Jacketed Cooking Kettle Features & Accessories

  • Standard sizes from 79 to 396 gallons (custom kettle sizes can be manufactured to order) 
  • Inclined scraping type agitator with patented scoop-type scraper shovels. Scraper shovels have replaceable, heat resistant, food-approved plastic blades 
  • Steam jacket operates up to 7 bar – supplied from two steam connections on either side of the kettle to provide even heat distribution 
  • DC Norris steam jacketed kettles are manufactured in stainless steel grade 316 for all food contact parts and type 304 for all other parts 
  • Steam jacketed kettles are available to ASME VIII Div 1 
  • Our steam kettles are designed and constructed to PED 
  • Split jacket is available for cooking small batches 
  • Available kettle supports on three or four legs (depending on kettle capacity and size) 
  • Insulated and stainless steel sheathed 
  • Standard internal sanitary finish of 180 grit 
  • External surfaces have a semi-deluxe buff or bead blast finish, custom finish to meet customer specifications available

Compatible Options for our Steam Jacketed Cooking Kettle Portfolio

  • Jet Cook System 
  • High Shear Mixer 
  • Tilt Out Agitator 
  • Recipe Management System 
  • Virtual Chart Recorder 
  • Load Cells 
  • Braising Bar 
  • Drop-In Sieve
  • Carmelizing System for Onions & Meat 
  • Outlet Valves 
  • Access Platform 

Steam Jacketed Kettle Technical Data

engineering drawing of DC Norris steam jacketed kettle


79 35.43″ 40.56″ 63.1″ 52.72″ 1″
132 40.16″ 46.34″ 69.9″ 59.33″ 1″
198 48.1″ 48.62″ 75.3″ 64.96″ 1.5″
264 52.44″ 54.9″ 82.8″ 70.3″ 1.5″
396 58.19″ 89.41″ 89.41″ 75.5″ 1.5″


Steam Jacketed Kettle Video

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