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Food Processing Automation Software: Recipe Manager & Virtual Chart Recorder

Our species has a long relationship with food processing and preservation. Humans have been processing and preserving foods for centuries, from hunter-gatherers using the simplest food preservation methods such as drying, smoking, and salting to modern dehydrators and air sealers. However, as humanity and technology have grown, so too has food processing.

With that growth and the introduction of distribution channels and logistics, the need for enhanced food safety measures has grown, too. As food processing machinery has evolved, DC Norris has developed state-of-the-art automation software packages to aid manufacturers in recipe adherence and food safety.

Benefits of Food Processing Automation

Through food processing automation, companies can keep employee costs down, increase product yield, quality, safety, achieve consistent finished product quality and reliable production deadlines. Most  DC Norris equipment is equipped or compatible with our software solutions, Recipe Manager and Virtual Chart Recorder.

Recipe Manager

Recipe Manager is a simple-to-use software package that provides customers the ability to automatically control a recipe-driven production process. Developed by DC Norris, Recipe Manager is one of the very best recipe management software systems on the market today. Recipe Manager allows the user to input ingredient listings and create procedural recipe steps. Recipe Manager saves and recalls the process, resulting in a program that can accurately create and reproduce consistent and delicious finished recipes. Foods produced with Recipe Manager have their temperatures, cook times, and motor speeds automatically controlled. Additionally, Recipe Manager maintains full records of kettle yields, allowing bar code identification from preparation through to packaging and ensures all HACCP controls are met.


Additional benefits of Recipe Manager include:

  • Recipes can automatically scale ingredients for different batch sizes
  • Users will be notified immediately via email/SMS message if any process deviations occur
  • Creates batch reports in text and graph formats
  • Real-time remote viewing of machine operator HMI
  • All recipes stored in a relational database
  • User access security
  • Available in a ‘Lite’ version suitable for standalone kettles and simplified recipes

Virtual Chart Recorder

Virtual Chart Recorder is a software package designed to record and log all information relating to temperature changes in the cooking or cooling process for food manufacturers. Virtual Chart Recorder is a critical component of food manufacturing safety allowing manufacturers to capture and save all records of the cooking process and store them in a database so that historic cycle and process data and trends can be accessed at any time. Virtual chart recorder helps keep track of the process from start to finish and reduces or removes any human error in computation or logging. Additional benefits of the Virtual Chart Recorder software include:

  • Can record data and link to many different machines
  • Records all recipes and user operator names to preserve accountability
  • Data can be exported to the most popular formats for easy viewing
  • Can display the machine operator screens in real-time

three different lines on a graph showing temperature changes in a specific batch of food through virtual chart recorder

DC Norris Is Committed to Food Processing Automation

Celebrating our 50th year in the food processing equipment manufacturing industry, DC Norris is a well-known and trusted name. When it comes to seamlessly incorporating automation solutions within their equipment – DC Norris is no stranger. For years, they have offered integrated software automation programs to help streamline food processing. From custom software to touch screens and text message alerts, as new technology arrives on the scene and more businesses look to automate their food manufacturing processes– DC Norris is ready to provide.