Sous Vide Equipment Delivers the Competitive Edge Meat Delivery Services Need Now

Sous Vide Equipment Delivers the Competitive Edge Meat Delivery Services Need Now

Meat delivery services aim to complete all the hard work for their customers by curating, selecting, and delivering high-quality meats directly to customers’ doors. This model of frozen meat delivery has worked well for companies such as ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks, who offer value, quality, and convenience in every piece of meat delivered. 

However, in the last few years, market demand has continually shifted and the desire for enhanced convenience without compromising quality has grown. The competition in the meat delivery market has also left businesses looking beyond the gift and subscription models for a competitive edge. Enter the delivery of fully cooked meats. 

Today, customers can have restaurant-quality, fully cooked meats delivered. From ButcherBox Complete’s grass-fed beef fajita strips to french-inspired duck leg confit offered by Wild Fork Foods, the choices are ever-expanding. Thanks to the remarkable science and technology behind industrial sous vide cooking, businesses like Kansas City Steaks and Allen Brothers can gain a competitive edge and increase profits by making exceptionally flavorful, unique, and nutritious meals easier than ever before.

Sous Vide Equipment Maximizes Yields

Industrial sous vide cooking offers food producers unparalleled control over finished product quality and eliminates the traditional yield loss created through roasting or similar, traditional cooking processes. Transforming cuts of raw meats into juicy, delicious, prepared meats to deliver to customers’ doorsteps can be efficiently and consistently accomplished using the right sous vide equipment. DC Norris North America has sous vide cook tanks that suit both industrial and commercial applications ranging from 50 to 1,900 gallons.

No matter the required capacity, all DC Norris sous vide equipment offers fully automated operation. The wide capacity range allows big and small meat purveyors to provide remarkably convenient and delicious pre-cooked meats that are perfectly portioned, sealed, frozen, and shipped.

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Sous Vide Equipment Minimizes Processing & Labor Costs

The sous vide cooking technique slow-cooks food in vacuum-sealed plastic pouches, which are submerged in a precisely controlled water bath. The food is cooked perfectly every time, providing a fresh-tasting product and extremely tender without losing any of its original color, flavor, or texture. 

In addition to being one of the few cooking processes that can be largely unmonitored by human labor, foods prepared sous vide are cooked, chilled, stored, and rethermalized in the same package (for specific applications). This creates substantial cost savings for food producers.

The ease of transportation makes sous vide cooking an excellent industrial and commercial cooking process to use for the delivery of pre-cooked meats. Meat processors can use sous vide to efficiently and quickly add to their existing raw/frozen meat options. 

Cooking meats sous vide delivers additional benefits:

  • Waste reduction
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced labor costs 
  • Improved product nutrition
  • Increased product safety
  • Natural tenderization
  • Precise material cost control
  • Naturally enhanced flavors

Learn More About Our Sous Vide Equipment

Today’s customer wants their prepared meats to be high quality, nutritious and convenient. Incorporating sous vide equipment is one way meat delivery businesses can stay competitive. 

At DC Norris, we have a wide range of sous vide and cook chill equipment. From small commercial kitchens to large industrial operations, DC Norris can design, manufacture and install the latest in industrial sous vide cooking equipment.

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